Thursday, February 20, 2014


One of my goals for sharing these videos with you, is to inspire you to try!  You should see my first dress, it was a little lopsided and simple, but it was pretty.  It is so simple, and really great for beginners.

Everyone was amazed, I got so many compliments when my daughter wore it.  She started calling it her "blankey dress".  So I named my Etsy Shop after her term.

I want to inspire you to make your own designs.

Making something up, and then seeing how beautiful it is, is so awesome!

You just need an idea.  Look at, or on YouTube.  Take lots of different elements that you like and put them together.  You might fail a couple times - I failed a lot - and I ripped out a lot of stitches.  Without the failures, you can't learn.  The important thing is that you don't give up. 

It's like learning how to read, or ride a bicycle, one day it just clicks. 

Something that holds a lot of people back is the desire to make it perfect.  Or the desire to have every stitch and row match up perfectly. None of my dresses are perfect (they have lots of mistakes), but I still think they are pretty.  No one has ever inspected my dresses and said, "Did you know your row is crooked right there?"

The only thing people say is "Wow, you made that? That's amazing!"  So, don't be afraid to mess up, and be less than perfect.  It's fun to try.


I was encouraged by my first success, so I started to make up even more dresses for my daughter to wear.  I tried learning new techniques and styles from YouTube tutorials.

It is so fun to dress your daughter, or grand daughter in a one of a kind creation.  So go ahead and try something new.  And please share your success projects with us.  Successes can inspire others to try!