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 Newborn Pink Stripe Dress Pattern

Items you’ll need

3 colors of 100% acrylic yarn (In the tutorial I used Caron Simply Soft, White, Victorian Rose, and Soft Pink)

White thread

2 feet of 1/8” ribbon

Pearl button (to sew in middle of flower)

H crochet hook (5mm) Optional: smaller hook to crochet edging

Terms used:

St- stitch                                            VR – Victorian rose yarn color

Ea- each                                            SP – Soft pink yarn color

Sl st- slip stitch                                    WH- White yarn color

Sk- skip                                             CC – change color

Sc- single crochet                                        rnd- round

dc- double crochet

ch- chain

*( ) – repeat sequence to end


This dress is very easy to make in different sizes.  Just crochet a foundation chain that fits snugly around the belly of your little girl.  Chains stretch, so make sure you stretch it when you are fitting it around her.  Chain about 3 rows, fit it to her again.  This dress is supposed to fit snuggly.  Add or take away stitches as necessary.

See “Straps” for fitting more fitting instructions. 

If you are making this dress bigger you will need 1 more skein of Victorian Rose yarn.



Foundation chain: (VR) Ch 60, join with sl st to first ch, ch 1

All the rounds for the bodice are worked through the back loop only of the previous row’s sitches.  This creates a textured stripe effect.

rnd 1:  1 sc in ea st

rnd 2-3: 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 4-5: (WH) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 6-7: (SP) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 8-19: repeat your alternating stripes for as long as you need it to be for your little girl. CC


rnd 1: (VR) ch 2, in same st work 2 dc, *(3 dc in ea st)

rnd 2:  2 dc in ea st

rnd 3-5: 1 dc in ea st, CC

rnd 6-7: (WH) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 8: (SP) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 9-10: (WH) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 11-15: (VR) 1 dc in ea st, CC

rnd 16-17: (WH) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 18: (SP) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 19-20: (WH) 1 sc in ea st, CC

rnd 21: (VR) 1 sc in ea st

rnd 22: (edging- you may switch to a smaller hook it you want a daintier edging) *(1 sc in ea of next 3 sts, ch 3, sl st into first ch, 1 sc in next of 3 sts) When you have about 8 sts left, space out your last picots, you may have to sc more or less than 3 in between to get them to fit. Join with a sl st to end round. Weave your end into the inside with a yarn needle.


Every little girl is different so please take a moment and try the dress on your little girl.  Measure over her shoulders down to tops of the dress, so you know how long the straps need to be.

Foundation chain: (VR) ch 15

row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc ea st, CC, ch 1

row 2: (WH) sk 1st st, 1 sc in ea st, CC, ch 1

row 3: (SP) sk 1st st, 1 sc in ea st, ch 1

row 4: (SP) sk 1st st, 1 sc in ea st

Use white or clear thread and attach straps to the bodice.  Strap placement is approximately 1” from sides.  Please try the dress on your little girl for correct placement. 

Tie 2 little bows.  Place them over the spots where you have sewn your straps.  Sew on bows with as invisible of stitches as possible.


rnd 1: (SP) ch 2, 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook

rnd 2: ch 1, this sequence is all made into same st *(1 sc in next st, ch 1, 3 dc, sl st) petal made.  Make 6 petals. Cut and tie yarn.  Weave ends into back of flower. You may change color here if you like.

rnd 3: Pull a loop up through the back of your flower (into the sc, ch 1 space) Tie and knot new color into place. Into your loop that you pulled through, make 3 chs.  Pull a sl st through back of next sc, ch 1 space.  Repeat making your ch 3 and sl sts for 6 loops.

Rnd 4: (take sts into loop, not through the chs)  sc into loop space ch 1, 4 dc, sl st – petal made.  Make 6 more petals into the loops. End round with sl st into first sc.  Weave all ends into the back of flower with yarn needle.

Sew your flower onto your dress using the pearl button in the center.


Washing Instructions

Wash on gentle cycle in cold water.

Dry for 20 minutes, using a fabric softener sheet.  Then lay flay to dry.  This will keep the dress nice and soft, but won’t shrink it.

                  White Doily Dress Skirt Pattern

6 mo size, medium weight cotton crochet thread, D hook

Mark end of rounds with a safety pin

In my tutorial video I give some suggestions for changing the size.

The top of this dress and flutter sleeves are explained in my other tutorials – Here are the links: - Doily Dress Tutorial - Basic dress top tutorial - Flutter sleeve tutorial

The skirt is worked in rounds to your desired fullness – you can repeat the stitch as many times as you like on each round – the stitches may not exactly line up at the end of each round,  but the slight difference is not noticeable.  It is easier to just repeat the desired stitches without counting.  So if you need an exact count, this pattern is not for you – Sorry.

Make the top first.  Round 1 is attached at the back of the bodice, right side out.

Round 1 – 5: *sc, ch 4, sc* join with sl st

Round 6: ch 3, dc in same st, *ch 3, skip 3 sts, dc, ch 1, dc in same st, * sl st to join at end

Round 7: work this “V” into right dc of previous row’s “V” - ch 3, dc in same st, ch 1; work this “V” into the left dc of previous row’s “V” – dc, ch 1, dc in same st, ch 3; repeat working 2 “V’s” into every “V” of the previous row. Sl st to join end

Round 8: *ch 6, skip 6 sts, sc*

Round  9-11:  *ch 6, sc into middle of half circle*

Round 12: (worked into last sc of previous row)  ch 3, dc, ch 1, dc – all worked into 1 st to form shell, ch 2, *dc, ch 1* - repeat to make  7 dc into arch of previous row, this is bottom of pineapple pattern – ch 2  *dc, ch 1* repeat to form 3 dc formed into sc of previous row, ch 2; continue working shells and the bottom of the pineapple until the end of your round

Round 13: (start this round on the top of your pineapple, right hand side) *ch 3 into first dc of pineapple, sc into 2nd dc, ch 3, repeat until you have 6 arches or the second row of your pineapple,  ch 3, dc into middle of shell of previous row, ch 3*

Round 14:  (start with sc on top of first arch  on 2nd row of pineapple) ch 3, sc into middle of next arch, repeat until you have made 5 arches or 3rd row of pineapple,  ch 3, dc into previous dc, ch 3. Repeat to end of round

Round 15: (start with sc on  right hand side of pineapple) ch 3, sc into middle of next arch, repeat to make 4 arches, ch 3, dc into previous dc, ch 3.  Repeat to end of round

Round 16: (start with sc on right hand side ofpineapple) ch 3, sc into middle of next arch, repeat to make 3 arches,  ch 4, dc into previous dc, ch 4. Repeat to end of row

Round 17: (start with sc on right hand side of pineapple) ch 3, sc into middle of next arch, repeat to make 2 arches, ch 5, dc into previous dc, ch 5. Repeat to end of round

Round 18:  (start with sc on right hand side of pineapple) ch 3, sc into middle of next arch, ch 5, sc into dc of previous row, ch 5. Repeat to end of round

Round 19-21: start with sc onto middle of arch,* ch 6, sc onto middle of next arch*

Round 22: *dc into middle of next arch,  ch 2, dc in same place to form a “V”, ch 3*

Round 23: start this shell in the middle of previous row’s “V”, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 2.  Repeat shells all the way around

Round 24-26:  start with a sc on any st, *ch 6, skip 6 st, sc, ch 6* form these arches for 3 rounds

Round 27: start with sc in middle of next arch *ch 4, sc into middle of arch*

Round 28: This next round is formed by using 2 puff stitches (see below) in the “V” form. Start anywhere by taking a PS, ch 1, in same st take 1 more PS, ch 1. Repeat to form “V’s” all the way around

Puff Stitch (PS): Dc, dc into same st leaving last loop on hook, 2 loops now on hook, dc in same st leaving last loop on hook, yarn over and pull all loops off of hook

Round 29: start shell in middle of PS “V”.  *dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 2*

Finishing round: take 1 sc into every st.  Finish with a sl st.  Hide your yarn end by using a yarn needle and weaving it into the inside of the dress.  Hide all of your ends this way.
Please forgive me if this pattern is not exact, I am an amateur.  Happy crocheting!

Yellow Rosebud Flower

Ch 62, leave at least 18” of yarn on end of chain

Row 1 - skip 2, in next st work a shell ( 5 dc into 1 st) skip 2 sts, sc, skip 2 sts, work a shell, repeat shells and sc to end of row.  Ch 3 & turn

Row 2 -  Work a shell (7 dc into 1 st) into middle of previous shell, skip 2 sts, sc, skip 2 sts, work a shell in middle of previous shell , repeat to end of row

Roll up slowly, arranging the petals so they don’t overlap.  Sew the petals using a yarn needle and the 18” of yarn.  Sew it down as you roll it so the petals will stay in position. 

To see this flower made up and other beautiful flowers, check out my YouTube video –


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    Your biggest fan
    Christine Fortier.. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness! If you want, send me an email, so we can message each other privately :

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