Shared Success Stories

Received 10/1/2015

Thank you so much for sending me a picture of this cutie in the "pop corn" dress.

Received 9/20/2014

I just wanted to thank you for your video and help in making this winter jacket. Here's my finished product - Maria Melendez (s/n mzmelendez226)

Received 8/20/2014

I edited some things on this dress and it came out so beautiful...easy tutorial to follow.  You are the best, hope you can post more videos.  The picture below is the dress I made following your tutorial. - Wendy Lira

It is so beautiful, you are awesome!  I love that you added a cinch belt, so you can customize the size.  The little shoes and headband are adorable.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I need to learn a few things from you!

Received 2/2/2014

I just wanted to write to let you know I have been struggling with depression and anxiety disorder for about 15 years now.  I have 2 little granddaughters that bring me a lot of joy.  I have been trying to keep myself busy with them, because they bring me joy.  I like to crochet, but most other crochet videos go too slow or too fast.  I like how you assume just the right amount in your videos, by not giving instructions for every single step.

I have gotten a lot of joy from watching your videos and making your cute dresses.  I like to change them up a little bit, too.  I am kind of a beginner - I can't do anything too complicated, but I can do the easy stitches that you show.

Thank you for the many hours you have provided in teaching me.  I love that I am able to make such pretty dresses - I would have never thought that I could.  Thank you and God bless you!  -  Joanna

Thank you so much for sharing!  Congratulations on your success - the dress turned out lovely.  I like you alternated stitches on the skirt. Thank you for letting me share your story.  This is the link to the dress she adapted   - Anna

Received 4/12/2014

I am a beginner, and I can't follow patterns.  I am so glad I found your videos.  I have been able to make two of your dresses so far!  I'm glad I tried.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.  Everyone asks me about my crochet dresses - I feel so proud. -  Lora

Thank you for your kind feedback.  I am so glad you tried too.  Thank you for your email.  Kind words keep me going!  - Anna

Received 4/23/2014

I love your videos.  I have had a lot of fun making my first dress ever.  I was only making scarves and hot pads until now!  Your little yellow dress was doable.  I had to pull out lots of stitches, but I am glad I stuck with it.  Now my daughter gets looks and tons of comments whenever she wears it.  Thanks for inspiring me to try. - McKaydee

Thank you for your email.  I am so glad that it turned out well.  It's so fun to create and feel proud of what you've done.  Keep trying and keep pushing your abilities.  Thanks again.  Here is the link to the dress she was talking about.
- Anna


  1. I just made your shell dress. Love it, very easy to follow. Please keep making videos. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much. I just made your shell dress. Its awesome.

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